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Wanderlust 2017, NZ Here I Come! My Unexpected Offbeat Yoga Schedule

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Hey friends, it looks like I’m taking off again!

I’m excited to let you know I’ll be attending the third annual Wanderlust Festival 2017 at Great Lake Taupo, New Zealand. The lovely people over at Wanderlust Australia New Zealand have invited me over to experience and document my first journey at the four-day “transformational” festival from February 2-5. Woo hoo!

In case you haven’t heard, Wanderlust is a global yoga lifestyle company that holds many events around the world such as the Wanderlust Festival and Wanderlust 108, a one-day mindful triathlon. Arriving in kiwi land for the short week, I’ll be expecting lots of yoga, live music – sometimes both those simultaneously -, nature hikes, stand-up-paddleboarding, mindfulness workshops, wine tastings, earth-to-table dinners and organic delicacies. All in the beautiful, sacred grounds of Lake Taupo. Sounds like a fairytale festcation.

“We can help people along their path to cultivating their best self,” says Jeff Krasnos, Co-Founder of Wanderlust. Brilliant, right? Count me in.

What I didn’t expect was an email from Eventbrite instructing me to build my Wanderlust Festival calendar by signing up to four activities per day out of a JAM-PACKED offbeat yoga schedule of events. I couldn’t help but get all giddy over the experiences I’ve chosen so I thought I’d share a few with you guys. Just so you can get the incredible gist of this festival.

Love’s Shadows: Relationship As A Vehicle For Awakening (Kara-Leah Grant)

“We all want to experience deep, intimate, loving connection with our romantic partners. But so often, it’s those we love the most that trigger our darkest shadows. Learn how to use the challenges of your romantic relationship as a way to become more conscious and awake. And of course, as you become more conscious and awake, the quality and depth of your relationships improve. It becomes a beautiful upward spiral where relationship serves your awakening serves your relationship.”

The Beauty Of Seasons (Dice Iida-Klein, Honza Lafond, DJ Drez)

“Some people crave change while others fear what it may bring. Regardless of our personal reactions, transitions are vital to our lives, just as the seasons are essential to the course of a year. Understanding the process of moving from point A to point B is challenging, but the benefits are lasting. Come to this class ready to shift your focal point from the end result to the journey itself. Students will strengthen their physical awareness of the links that form advanced poses within the flow.”

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Why Your Vegetable Garden Is Key To Your Health (Ben Warren)

“Time and time again we’ve heard the old adage “you are what you eat”… but here we will explore the concept of “you are what you grow”. Ben Warren will talk about the importance of growing your own food and how to grow nutrient dense vegetables at home. A must attend for anyone whose every considered growing herbs or vegetables at home.”

Mandalas In Nature: A Creativity Meditation (Lara Zilibowitz)

“In this creative meditation workshop, we’ll be working together to design a large-scale mandala artwork using locally foraged natural elements, such as leaves, stones, flowers and feathers. As well as creating something exquisitely impermanent, the process of immersing ourselves in nature allows us to feel that we are nature too. The finished artwork is a reminder of our relation to infinity, with the same atoms and energy that actuate the universe, existing inside of each and every one of us.”

Choosing Plants To Creative Positive Change (Megan May)

“What you choose to eat each day is one of the most powerful choices you can make for positive change. What you put on your plate is ultimately a vote for the reality you want to see around you. Our culture of excess and societal obsession with a highly processed, animal-based diet and its reliance on industrialised agricultural practices is having a detrimental impact on not only our health, but the environment too. Adopting a more plant based, organic and wholefoods diet is a massive step towards regaining control over you own health and contributing to our collective responsibility (kaitiakitanga) to take care of the environment around us.”

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Stay up to date with my Wanderlust journey here.

Light and love,

P.S. Tickets to Wanderlust Festival 2017 are still available so if you’re just as excited as me about the whole thing, start planning and come join me for yoga, music and adventure! If you’re already attending or know of anyone else who’ll be there, write me an email tiffany@talesofardour.com. Let’s meet up. Hope to see you there.

Images kindly provided with thanks to Wanderlust Australia New Zealand.

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Wanderlust Festival 2017, Great Lake Taupo

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