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Traveller Life Skill: Feeling Grounded Wherever You Are


When somebody asks “how are you?” I usually stop and think for a second to give an honest response. How am I actually feeling right now? My response to my bestie the other day was, “I’m really good, I’ve just been feeling a little terrified.”

Her response: “Really? Out of all people, you seem like you’ve got it together.”

I laughed: “It’s alright, my little gremlins just came out to play. Totally relishing this human experience though.” (Gremlins and human experiences, I will explain.)

Our conversation got me thinking about a life skill I continue to develop: cultivating groundedness. It’s quintessential for travellers to ace groundedness because we deal with dramatic lifestyle shifts and new experiences outside our comfort zones.

Change is all around us. Sometimes it leaves us rattled, “Can the world stop spinning for a second?” You have a body but your soul is scattered. You feel anxious, misplaced, behave erratically or your intuition is way off.

When I’m grounded, I feel like a giant tree deeply rooted beneath the earth able to withstand any storm. I live my purpose, see things clearly, exude confidence, appreciate basic needs, trust in humanity and want to offer more of myself to the world.

To my bestie who asked and for all my loved ones and readers, here’s how I draw my soul to my centre so you too can feel grounded.

Resist the urge to move. I try to go inwards to confront my emotions in silence rather than distract myself with busyness. Close your eyes and breathe deeply with long, steady exhales. Acknowledge any thoughts or feelings that arise – “hey, I see you there, bye now” – then focus again on your breath. It’s impossible to control thoughts but you can get better at not letting them control you.

Notice nature. Trees, flowers and plants are beautiful, pure and peaceful by simply being. For me, nature therapy works because I see the same thing within these living organisms within us at our core without the flurry of human emotions. Bring more awareness to your feet by walking barefoot feeling the soil, grass or sand between your toes. Be reminded of and feel grateful for Earth’s abundance.

Ensure your morals and values are in check. When I feel I’m contributing to the greater good, consume mindfully and surround myself with people and things I support, my life becomes heart-centred. Avoid the icky feeling of an out-of-balance moral compass and trust in your energy – it never lies.

Seek situations where you’re happiest and most effective. My routine to feel in my element and productive: wave palo santo in the air, meditate for just 10 minutes, whack on a travellers’ hat, wrap around a Tree of Life skirt, snap on my JORD watch, step outside and have an explorer’s mentality in everything I do. Voila! I’m me. Grounding comforts set the tone, create momentum and enable positivity. What’s your element?


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Find comfort in your tribe. Solo travelling is great but knowing you’re not alone by finding ‘your people’ and feeling like you belong in a community strengthens you. It’s obvious but sometimes we forget to use our limited energy wisely by spending more time with people who share values with you or inspire you to be a better person.


Honour your body. Arriving at new destinations quickly creates tension throughout your body. Bring close attention to every part of your physical being. What does it really need? Stretch and massage yourself through moisturising your skin (double win). Thank your body for all the hard work it’s done for you. Health gratitude in check? You betcha. Oh, and any time is a good time for child’s pose.

Eat local produce with the seasons. Not solely for health reasons, when I eat local I gain a stronger sense of place and feel good in knowing I’m supporting the smaller communities. Eating with the seasons also helps to feel aligned with nature – plus the food is at its most delicious!


Word vomit without self-judgement on paper. I’ve felt incredibly grounded recently by journaling the old-school way. I write whatever’s on my mind without fear of expressing things I might later regret. The more I write without ‘backspacing’, the better I come to terms with myself by breaking barriers that block inner light. Grab a pen. It’s you-in-the-moment expression – never apologise for it.

Catch the gremlins before they get to you. Inspired by Brene Brown’s ‘Daring Greatly’, I call my (usually unnecessary) fear and inner anxieties “gremlins” who like to visit me sometimes. Giving them a name reminds me that these negative thought patterns aren’t me. Accept these little guys, know they don’t hang around forever and recognise their arrival early so you can take action before feeling consumed.


Remind yourself of the liberty in a life you’ve chosen. When the gremlins barge through my doors because I was too busy to hear them knocking, I remember this is all part of life. For both negative or positive emotions, I find joy in appreciating the complexities of a human experience. To feel – that’s something, right? I think “I chose this experience. I wanted this. I accept fear, love and everything that comes of it. I am living my intentions.” To me, there’s nothing more grounding than that.

Light and love,

What’s your #1 tip to feel grounded while home or away? Write me a comment below.


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