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How Travelling Deeply Changes You Forever

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Never in my life did I expect to be such a changed person from my personal discoveries while on the road. Tales of Ardour aims to wreak positive havoc. I’m here to inspire you to savour life through travel because for too long it broke my heart to see many of us stuck in our comfort zones, our souls deprived from being. This is where travelling deeply comes in. That is, to be curious, aware, participating.

Travelling deeply around the world will teach you more than any book in school you’ve ever read. It will shake you, break you and make you. The kind of travel I’m talking about aren’t those where you’re lying on a beach hammock sipping Pina Coladas, spending your time doing resort-y things. While that’s relaxing fun, I more so mean travel that throws you into the deep end faced with a culture shock of sights, dealing with people and getting around.

See, things inevitably go terribly wrong when travelling. You’re stuck in the worst situation, you’d rather die maybe. You somehow manage to get through it all then alas, it happens again. And again. Then these little things don’t even bother you anymore. And when it does, “such is life,” you say, continuing to tackle the world.

You’ll be a bigger risk taker, say “yes” more often, partake in spontaneous fun and will wound up with friends from every country. You’ll remember life is meant to be fun but somehow we’ve all been taking it too seriously.

You’ll read people better and will connect with those who can’t even speak English (a new lover, maybe?), and learn new ways of living that question your own. You’ll watch others speak differently, walk differently, think differently, but bottom ground the emotions we feel – love, fear, hope, happiness, anger – are the same. (We’re not so different after all.) Then you remember everyone inhabits the same Earth but wonder why we’re so divided. “Why can’t there be peace?” you ask.

But Mother Nature’s mystical beauty plays a soothing balm to your sorrows, you’re left without words staring into a landscape so surreal you just want to kiss it with your soul. One step further, you’ll feel aligned with the elements, drawn to changing seasons and grateful for your being. You’re essentially a half-way hippie now, perhaps fitting in sun salutations to your morning schedule and coming home to a new wardrobe.

With understanding and accepting comes the sowing and growth of compassion for the self and the world. Your narrow mind had been grasping for the light of knowledge and beauty that floods your heart but you didn’t know of its deprivation until you saw ‘the bigger picture’, the truer picture that enlightens you with manifesting kindness for all. “It all makes sense to me now,” you say.

Travel deep enough and you’ll witness how human greed (both blind and with intent) has taken authentic magic away in certain places and people. You’ll witness damage to local communities from unethical tourism with profits going to huge international companies, how the Western consumer world plays a big part to erosion of traditional cultures. What about connecting with roots and recognition of heritage? You might even break down – “the world is evil,” you cry. The good news is you meet people and organisations who are doing great things. And so, your faith in humanity is restored and you, too, want to complement the universe with your future style of travel. Like me, you’re interested in “tourism sustainability” (what did this nerdy term really mean before you took off, anyway?).

And travel often enough, you find yourself reinvented with new social interests and life values. A dramatic career change perhaps? Settling down with home comforts after each trip, you quickly know there’s nothing more exciting for you than to just pack your bags and leave again to be surrounded by the unknown and ‘your people’. It’s not about the photos you took. It’s not even about the destination anymore, it’s absolutely the journey of just being in the moment. “Anywhere, just anywhere,” you say to your flight agent. You’re thirsty, craving, to fuel your curiosity of the universe’s blessings. Pretty or ugly, it’s all beautiful to you. ‘Cause you’re learnin’ and feelin’. And that’s what’s important.

You’ll push back your timeline for buying a house, an expensive car or [insert far-reaching material good] to plan your next getaway because travelling to you now is more than just an adventure taken advantage of during approved annual leave. There’s no need to feel guilty for travelling, that it’s only a reward for “real life” accomplishments. To you now, travelling is a life investment in itself. “Experience over things,” you say. While having stuff is great, you’ll remember the times you felt happy, connected, content, with not much of your belongings at all. So in response to your mate purchasing extra baggage weight, “simplify” you say. A word you’ll hold dear for the rest of your life.

Here’s to travelling deeply. Remember an exact moment it changed you? Write me a comment below.

Soon to announce my welcome home to Australia, with light and love – always,

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