Travel blog Tales of Ardour is where I share travel tips, guides, and my journey of spiritual growth through a life of mindful exploration and consumption.

I started travelling before I could even walk. Sydney born and bred, fond childhood memories of bush camping and long, dusty drives across Australia in my family’s 4WD helped me to treasure true abundance from a minimalist life. I’m still that wide-eyed girl thirsty for her next adventure but now I travel deeper: relishing culture shocks, creating positive impacts, absorbing enlightenment, savouring nature and immersing in unique stays. Along the way, I raised my consciousness for greater wellbeing.

Freelance writing and blogging my way across the globe, I guess at the heart of it all I’m here to remind ourselves to feel again and inspire ourselves to be, well, overall better humans and stuff.

All images on this website are my own unless stated otherwise.


Say hello, ask me anything (Iโ€™m nice, promise!): tiffany@talesofardour.com.

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